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Dirty Mind Freaks

RPG forum based on different serials.

dirty, mind, freaks, different, serials, forum

Bleach Adventure Chronicles

Потопете се в света на Блийч!

bleach, roleplay, forum

Teen Wolf RPG

Welcome to the Teen Wolf RPG forum.

teen, wolf, welcome, forum

Тhe Vampire Diaries RPG Forum

Роул Плей на Дневниците на вампира!Забавлявайте се!

тhe, vampire, diaries, forum, роул, плей, на, се!

The Forest Outlaw

Български рпг форум

forest, outlaw, форум, на

Disney BG RPG

Some parts of the fairy tales are all too real, all too true. See the real world we're all living in~

disney, some, parts, fairy, tales, real, true, world, we're, living

Catwalk RPG

I mean, Hello! We all make mistakes. We all have growing pains. Nobody's perfect.

broken, dreams, Един, свят, от

Българско bleach rpg!!!. rpg-bleach. com. rpg-bleach. com Българско bleach rpg!!!, bleach, rpg!!!

House of fallen

Първият РП форум в България съчетаващ ангели и вампири

house, fallen, първият, рп, форум, p.s., cast, kristen, българия, ангели, вампири, night

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill RPG Forum

tree, hill, forum

Got a secret. Can you keep it?

Pretty Little Liars RPG Forum

secret., keep, pretty, little, liars, forum

◑ D E S P A I R

Role Play Forum

roleplay, forum

Endless Horror

Welcome to the dark side !

ednless, horror, welcome, dark, side

Hollywood RPG

Hollywood RPG.


Doon master

A small rpg-school. I hope you'll like it. Doon master

school, magic, witch


This is Twiligh RPG

twilight-rpg, this, twiligh



naruto, game

Star Academy RPG Forum

Академия за звезди! ^.^

star, academy, forum, Академия, за, звезди!

Glee RPG

Glee RPG Forum

glee, forum

Blackburn College RPG forum

Добре дошли в най-добрия български РПГ форум. Създайте своя герой и се потопете в света на Blackburn College RPG forum

blackburn, college, forum, Добре, дошли, РПГ, форум, Създайте, своя, герой, се, потопете, света, на


RPG Forum




vampire, diaries, forum, favourites

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